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Lontium Upgraded Its DP(USB Type C) Transmitter Series for High-end DP(USB Type C) Source Devices and HDMI2.0/MIPI to USB Type C applications
 January 31, 2019, Hefei.  Lontium released its Upgraded version of its DP(USB Type C) transimitter series for high-end DP(USB Type C) source devices and HDMI 2.0 /MIPI to USB Type C converter applications.
 LT6711 is a HDMI 2.0 to DP (USB Type C) converter with dual CC controllers that support both source and sink and integrated MCU that reduces the BOM cost, It is the best choice for general Type C source devices such as NBs and smart phones.
 LT9711 is a MIPI DSI/CSI to DP (USB Type C) converter with dual CC, MCU, and DSC support, makes it a perfect fit for the VR/AR source devices that support very high resolution and refresh rate. Samples of LT6711 and LT9711 are ready, volume production will follow in Q2.
 For more information and sample/technical support, please contact your local Lontium distributor.
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